January 17


Draft Minutes

February 21 Notice of Rescheduled Meeting
Agenda for Special Meeting of February 14, 2012
Draft Minutes

March 20

FY2012 Final Budget Exhibits A_B_C
Final Budget Overview Letter February 23 2012
Draft Letter to County Auditor

Draft Minutes

April 17  Agenda Draft Minutes

May 15

Notice of Cancellation of Meeting of May 15 2012
Notice of Rescheduled Board Meeting May 15 2012
May 15 2012 Agenda
Surviving Spouse Medical Coverage

Draft Minutes

June 19 Agenda Draft Minutes

July 17 Agenda
Director Marsden CSD Board Resignation
Board Options for Filling Unexpired Term Director Vacancy
Draft Minutes

August 21 Agenda
2012 Biannual Confict of Interest2
2012 Biannual Confict of Interest3
MOTHER LODE FDIC 1 AUG 21 2012_0001
MOTHER LODE FDIC 1 AUG 21 2012_0002
Draft Minutes

September 18 Agenda
County Special District Election Documents
Draft Minutes

October 16  Agenda
Country Recorder Ltr Sept 17 2012
Sept 2012 Resolution Calling District Consolidation
Sept 2012 Resolution Revoking All-mailed
Draft Minutes

November 20  Agenda
Sept 2012 Follow Up Letter-4
Copper Ridge Roads Bid 2013 Budget November 2012
FY2013 Budget Overview Letter
FY 2013 Proposed Budget Exhibits A, B, C November 12 2012
1st Res Revoking Adoption of All Mailed Ballot Election September 25 2012
Res2 Consolidation Elections October 25 2012
 Draft Minutes

December 18

FY2013 Proposed Budget Exhibits A, B, C
FY2013 GeneraFundReservePolicy

 Draft Minutes