CSD Budget, Measure A Tax and More Road Improvements on Agenda

The Regular Saddle Creek CSD Board meeting will be held at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at the Lodge.   This will undoubtedly be the most important meeting of the year, so your attendance is strongly encouraged and much appreciated.

The Board will be holding a public hearing to take comment and input on the adoption of its final 2019/20 budget effective July 1, 2019.  The budget actions include approval of the budget expenditures, appropriations limit, salary schedules for employees, and the amount of Measure A tax to levy this year.  If the budget is approved as presented, we will immediately begin designing the next phase of saddle creek road improvements, which are proposed to complete restoration of all streets in the community!

The meeting agenda and materials can be found here:

You can also download each agenda item separately on our meeting page:

CSD Meetings

A CSD Meeting Not to Miss….June 18, 2019

Good morning!

I want to personally invite you to the next action packed meeting of your Saddle Creek CSD Board of Directors, to be held at 2:00PM, June 18, 2019 at the Saddle Creek Lodge.  The meeting agenda and supporting materials are available on our website meeting page and posted below for quick download.

The Board will be revisiting the final draft 5-year road improvement plan, which charts the course for the expenditure of your Measure A tax dollars on improvements throughout the community.  In addition, the Board will be reviewing a draft budget to be effective on July 1, 2019 which includes an analysis of a variety of options for the amount of Measure A special tax needed to be levied this year to fund the approved road improvements.  Hope to see you there!

Meeting Agenda Packet Complete, June 18, 2019

(Very Important) Saddle Creek CSD Meeting Agenda Posted

Good evening and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Please plan to join us at the May 28, 2019 special CSD Board meeting to be held at 2:00Pm at the sports fitness center.  After many months of development, the CSD Board will now be considering approval of  a plan to improve many community roads over the next five years.  Please plan to attend this meeting to further understand the road improvement priorities and estimated improvement schedule and cost.

We will also be discussing the draft 2019/20 budget which supports the implementation of the road improvement plan and all operations.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Meeting Agenda Packet May 28, 2019



May 21, 2019 CSD Board Meeting Cancelled (Rescheduled)

Good morning!

Due to scheduling conflicts, the May 21, 2019 Regular CSD Board meeting has been cancelled, and a replacement meeting scheduled for May 28, 2019, 2:00 PM at the Sport Fitness Center.  We hope to see you on the 28th, as we will be discussing the draft 5 year road maintenance plan and CSD budget for July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020.  Thank you for your interest.


Peter Kampa, General Manager

CSD Starts 2019 Mosquito Control

During the next several months, Saddle Creek CSD will be increasing  Mosquito abatement activities due to warmer temperatures and increasing mosquito populations.

Work will include inspections of known and suspect mosquito breeding sites, such as irrigated lands, ditches, waterways, ponds, and wetlands. Mosquitoes will be controlled using integrated pest management techniques (IPM), including: applications of approved use pesticides to breeding sites and areas of high adult mosquito populations, mosquito eating fish in ponds and public education efforts. Additionally, the CSD will be increasing surveillance in attempt to detect mosquito-transmitted diseases, such as West Nile Virus, Western Equine Encephalitis, Zika and other vector borne diseases.

In most cases, spraying of approved pesticides will occur on Thursdays during the late afternoon or early evening hours. While the spraying activity does not present a health risk to residents, there will be noticeable odor. To minimize this problem, windows and doors should remain closed while the activity is occurring near your area and should remain closed for approximately 30 minutes after it is completed.

Residents are asked to assist in our abatement efforts by eliminating mosquito-breeding sites on their property and by reporting abnormal mosquito population to the CSD Maintenance Manager Greg Hebard:

Office: 209-785-0100

Email: sccsd@caltel.com


March 19, 2019 CSD Board Meeting Materials Posted

The CSD Board of Directors will be meeting next Tuesday at 2:00 PM in the Lodge, and requests your presence to help us continue the positive forward progress of District services.  We will be discussing the restoration of the remaining turf at the community entrance, new policies governing land development projects and contracting for accounting services.  Please feel free to contact me at any time by email: pkampa@kampacs.com or (209) 591-7100.   We look forward to seeing you there.  The agenda is available HERE.

All agenda supporting documents are available on the Board Meetings Page available HERE.


Peter Kampa

General Manager

February 19, 2019 Board Meeting – Love to See You There!

The agenda and supporting materials for the upcoming February 19, 2019 Board meeting can by found on our Board meeting page.  The meeting will be held in the Saddle Creek Lodge at 2:00PM and as always, the meeting is open to the public and a great place to learn about the good work of the CSD, and to provide input to your Board of Directors!   You can also download the meeting packet below.  See you there!

(Welcome to) First Board Meeting of 2019!

January 15, 2019, 2:00 PM at the Saddle Creek Lodge

2018 was an absolutely wonderful year in Saddle Creek with the completion of the first road renovation project; completed with your Measure A dollars.  The CSD has also set up a reserve fund to replace critical equipment, and a reserve fund for ongoing future road improvements.  This would not have been possible without the hard work of the CSD Board of Directors and the SUPPORT of the voters within the CSD that approved Measure A.   You can rest assured that the condition of Saddle Creek roads will always hold at a level that will have a positive impact on public safety and property values in the community.

2019 starts off a solid meeting agenda with incoming Board President Darlene DeBaldo at the helm (with the gavel?).  We will be discussing policies that affect the future development of properties that may seek services provided by your CSD.  We look forward to your input, see you there.  The complete agenda packet can be downloaded here.